Could You Become A Commercial Airline Pilot?

To be a pilot is the stuff of dreams for so many. There aren’t too many occupations where one gets to control a giant machine, earn a great salary, retire early and, perhaps above all, travel the world in style. But it isn’t so easy to become a pilot. Beyond a long string of requirements and fortuitous life scenarios, one must be able to pass a pilot aptitude test which at a minimum will include challenging science, logic and English language questions. Do you have what it takes to charter an aircraft? We’ve compiled some questions based on real hiring tests from major airlines—take the throttle and see how you fare in our Could You Become A Commercial Airline Pilot Quiz!

Have you ever wondered what the pilots are eating as you’re tucking away into your airplane food? Different airlines impose different rules, but it is universally suggested that the pilots eat the same multi-course meal given to those in first and business class. Moreover, the co-pilot is encouraged to eat a different entrée, so as to guard against cases of food poisoning.