Navigation Quiz

Ah, the joys of navigation! With the help of the stars, the rising waves and even the movements of animals, mankind has been traveling all over our beautiful planet for centuries. Nowadays we’re lucky enough to have GPS on our side with plenty of digital maps showing us exactly where we are. But GPS can’t help you now! You’ll have to summon those navigational skills from the depths of your brain in order to get past this quiz. Reckon you’re up to the challenge? Let’s see!

Stellar Navigation is quite a...stellar form of navigation. Combining the use of a compass, a very accurate clock called a chronometer and a device known as a sextant, ocean travelers could measure the altitude of a star and its direction at a specific time which would give them a fairly accurate reading of where they were. Maritime schools still teach modern sailors this form of navigation because, well, as I already mentioned, it’s quite stellar.