The Free IQ Test

Discover your exact IQ score with our most accurate and FREE online IQ test. Designed to assess human intelligence, the IQ test measures your cognitive abilities and overall mental agility through a series of questions and problem-solving challenges. How you perform in each of these areas will then determine your score. Most people who complete the free IQ test achieve an average score between 85-115—but are you one of the elite 5% with an IQ above 125? Scroll down to start the IQ test and find out today!

How is my IQ calculated?

Your IQ score is calculated by measuring your spatial comprehension, reasoning ability, language recognition, logic, and memory. Many people will perform better in one of these areas, which is why the test is designed to feature questions from each category to ensure it is not weighted toward any particular skill.

What is considered a genius IQ score?

Simply put, IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, is calculated by measuring your cognitive ability to solve problems and understand concepts. A score above the average of 85-115 indicates gifted intelligence and a score above 130 demonstrates a genius intelligence - both Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking had an IQ of 160!

What IQ is Mensa level?

Mensa is the biggest and oldest IQ organization in the world, open to those who can score in the 98th percentile or higher on a standardized intelligence test. That means to join the club you have to obtain a score of 130 or above.

How can I improve my IQ score?

The brain needs just as much attention as the body to keep the mind in shape. Exercising your brain through regular logic games, memory challenges, and puzzles can help to improve focus and develop logical thinking skills which, in turn, will improve IQ. Luckily for you, we have lots of great content and training exercises to help you out! On our Intellitest site, you’ll find brain teasers, head-scratchers, riddles and puzzles to challenge the mind and prepare you for every tricky IQ question.

Discover your intellectual strengths!

Our free IQ test not only provides users with an instant and accurate IQ score, but is the perfect way to prepare for an official IQ exam online. Not only that, but the questions equip you with invaluable critical thinking skills that can be applied in many aspects of your life, including at work or in job interviews. So what are you waiting for? Take the test today!

IQ tests are the primary means through which we can measure human intelligence. They primarily focus on certain kinds of intelligence including analytical, mathematical and spatial skills. If you have an IQ over 130 you are exceptionally intelligent and can apply to join the elite society MENSA!