IQ Trainer: Exercise Your Brain

Welcome to the IQ Trainer. Our powerful brain training content has been designed by the experts to strengthen your mind and prepare you for any standardized IQ test. It's easy to use - and effective! Each exercise is designed to work out your memory, logic, or spatial processing and, on completion, you will receive a score-based result to get a better understanding of your performance. With more than 12K+ satisfied users, the cognitive benefits of just 15 minutes of brain training are proven. So, whether you want to increase your IQ score, improve your reflexes, or take practice questions, the free IQ Trainer will provide the instant exercise your brain needs to be at its sharpest.

Did you know that IQ tends to vary by sex? That’s right – studies have shown that men tend to have higher IQ scores in certain areas, such as spatial awareness, whereas women often have higher IQ scores when it comes to emotional quotients and language development. Aside from those slight differences, the overall intelligence levels of men and women are the same.