A Classic Literary Quiz

When it comes to classic novels there are two types that generally come up in conversation. Those that we should have read, but probably haven’t, and the modern underdogs - that we have treasured, loved, and re-read countless times. Stories that imprint themselves in our consciousness become unforgettable and fill our libraries, schools, and shelves. But how many have you managed to embrace over the years? From the renowned romances and Victorian gothics, to the coming-of-age dramas and modern satires, we’ll test your literary knowledge in our 20-question quiz and find out just how well-read you really are.

A classic novel merits the lasting recognition that helps it withstand the test of time. Many argue that a few decades are required to determine whether a novel is influential and high-quality enough to fall into the category of “Classic.” Modern classics are, as such, widely regarded to be those that came into fruition after World War I.