Can You Name Who Invented It?

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re doing so from a mobile device, a PC or a tablet. And it’s overwhelmingly likely you have an internet connection. Without prying too far, you’ve probably ran water from a sink and had the convenience of using a toilet recently. Fellow world citizens, we are living in a time of modern convenience where we take so much for granted—but have you ever spared a thought for who came up with these immense inventions? Humankind has benefited so much through sheer creativity and brainpower (and the occasional accident) so get the wheels in your head turning and try our Can You Name Who Invented It quiz!

The first patented motorized vacuum cleaner required a horse. At the first demonstration of the vacuuming device, a horse-drawn, petrol-driven unit was parked outside a building that was to be cleaned with long hoses fed through the windows. The device did a great job of sucking dirt from the restaurant and this glorious moment started it all for modern vacuuming.